Buy a Home Generator from Comfort Air

Even if your home avoids major damage during a storm or natural disaster, there are still some potential problems that you could encounter in the aftermath. One common problem after a big storm is a hit to the power grid that leaves you without electricity. Whether it's a blizzard or heavy rain, you can avoid this issue with a home generator. And here at Comfort Air, we're ready to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

What They Are

Simply put, a home generator is a secondary source of power that can start up in the event of a power outage. People have been relying on generators in some shape or form since the nineteenth century, but they've naturally evolved quite a bit since then. A home generator is often relatively small and won't be an eyesore.

The home generators we offer can provide power no matter what kind of weather conditions our customers in Vancouver, WA may encounter. During the winter, a blizzard can be a common way for Mother Nature to knock out power for a few days. With a generator you won't have to worry about losing heat or Internet, making it simple to stay comfortable or connected to the outside world.

They're also quite useful during the summer. A summer rainstorm can also knock out the power, and a home generator can help you avoid discomfort and potential costly issues. You don't want to be without air conditioning during the summer months, and you don't want to have to throw out expensive groceries because your fridge wasn't working for a few days. A home generator can save you money and reduce headaches in the long term.

How They Work

There are a few different types of home generators and they operate differently. Portable home generators are one common option. These can be used to temporarily provide power to a few appliances and devices. They're often powered by a fuel tank that needs to be refilled with gasoline or propane, depending on the type of generator.

These models are less expensive, but won't necessarily be ideal for long-term power needs. On the other hand, they are perfect for home improvement projects or backyard gatherings. You can probably find a use for a portable generator even if the power doesn't go out.

Standby generators are more expensive and need to be installed by a professional. It will start up automatically just a few seconds after the power goes out, which means that you don't have to worry about your appliances failing you. They can be fueled with natural gas or propane.

These home generators can offer different amounts of power. You need to see what your wattage needs are and choose a generator accordingly. A smaller generator is ideal for people who just want to power critical appliances, while a larger generator can let you watch television or play video games as if the power never went out in the first place. Our Vancouver, WA home generator experts can help you find one that suits your electricity needs.