We made buying and installation of a new furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system easy! Here’s what you can expect from our complimentary consultation:

The Analysis Process

Since every family and every home is different, it takes a custom Total Home Analysis to determine which systems would be best for your home’s size and floor plan while meeting your family’s air quality needs. There are many options available to choose from in your new home comfort system, including an HVAC zoning system if you choose. The analysis will tell us what we need to know to offer you several custom-made solutions for your home.


When considering the new system, think carefully about what air quality components to include. This is especially important if anyone in your family has allergies, respiratory or health issues. Our Indoor Air Quality products can exceed hospital air filtration standards. Zoning control is also available, and allows you to heat and cool the exact rooms you want, to the exact temperature you want.

High-efficiency equipment may nearly pay for itself in utility savings, so efficiency level is a very important consideration. Many people spend top dollar on hybrid cars, solar panels and the like, and often times may not consider the more advantageous energy savings from simply installing high-efficiency comfort equipment. Up to 50% of your home’s energy costs may go toward heating and cooling your home, so be sure you ask our Comfort Consultant about reducing energy consumption with higher-efficiency systems. All these considerations can help make your home more comfortable every day.


Most people would not consider proactively budgeting for a breakdown or installation of an upgrade or replacement furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system. Often there are rebates, financing specials and other incentives to take advantage of. Remember, your energy savings over time can also help offset the investment.

The Installation of Your Home Comfort System

The company you choose for the installation of your new home comfort system has a significant impact on your comfort and the operation costs. In fact, installation quality could have a much greater impact on your home comfort than the equipment itself.

When your new system arrives and is ready to install, our Trust Accredited and NATE Certified technicians will carefully install it in your home. They are careful and committed to not disturb your living area, so they’ll lay down carpet protection and wear shoe protection to keep your home and yard clean. After the installation is complete, they’ll leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. Respect for your home is something we take very seriously.


We can also help with duct cleaning, and regular service & repair of your furnace, ductless heat pump or air conditioning system. Contact us for more information on these services and any questions you may have.