What is a Package Unit ?


A package unit can refer to a few different configurations. It can refer to a hybrid heating and cooling unit in one; a gas furnace with an air conditioner or a heat pump. Here are some benefits of having a package unit in your home or business:


  • Save space. Instead of installing two separate units for your home or business and finding space for both. The package units are generally installed outside. Just think of what you will do with the extra space in your home instead of having to house a furnace indoors.
  • Lower cost installation. The cost of installation will be lower than having a split system (having the furnace indoors and the air conditioner unit outside). Package units come pre-charged with refrigerant too.
  • Save energy.The dual function HVAC units are high energy efficiency and are generally rated with 15-25% higher efficiency than regular single split systems.
  • Easy access for maintenance. Maintenance will be easier with one access for both units in the same place.
  • Can be installed on the roof. This adds to the beauty of your landscaping and offers a way to keep your package HVAC unit from being vandalized or getting debris build up in it.

Contact us at Comfort Air to see if a package unit is right for your property. Our experienced technicians can evaluate your current system and see what it would take to install a package unit for your heating and cooling. Call today for a consultation.