With summer quickly approaching here in Vancouver, Washington, you are likely already thinking about how you can save money on your monthly bills this season. Utility costs tend to rise substantially for most homeowners in the region when the Pacific Northwest summers are in full swing. You can prepare beforehand to ensure your summer AC costs are as low as possible.

For decades, Comfort Air has been the preferred local AC service provider for Vancouver residents and those in surrounding cities. As one of the most experienced Vancouver AC services, we have learned a thing or two about what it means to keep utility costs low. Keep reading to learn secrets from our AC experts. If you need immediate AC services in Vancouver, give us a call at (360) 205-1817.

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Top Tips from Our Vancouver AC Experts


1. Close the Curtains & Blinds

Even though it is great to let some sunlight into your home during the summer, those beams of light may cost you. It is inevitable that the more sunlight that reaches inside your home, the warmer it will be. Our AC experts recommend keeping your blinds and curtains closed as much as possible. That way, excess sunlight won’t heat your home.

You may want to consider investing in blackout curtains or other heavyweight curtains that will block out sunlight. If your current curtains are too thin or light, they will not block out heat as well as blackout curtains.

2. Keep Air Vents Closed

If you do not spend a lot of time in certain rooms, make sure to close the vents. That way, any air that your AC is releasing is all allocated to the rooms you use the most. You may end up wasting a lot of money by having your AC unit push cool air to every single room. Consider which rooms can go without AC, such as an office or bathroom.

3. Supplement Your AC with Fans

Instead of having your AC blowing 24/7, consider supplementing your usage with fans and opening windows when the temperature allows. Ceiling fans or portable fans can be especially helpful when it comes to cutting down on your monthly utility costs. Before you blast your AC this season, consider times or days when you can give the AC a break and rely on fans instead.

4. Pay Attention to Your Air Filter

Our Vancouver AC experts recommend changing your AC filter at least once every six months. If your filter becomes too worn or aged, it will not work well. Your AC will lose efficiency as it tries to push air through a damaged or clogged filter. When this happens, homeowners typically see an increase in their utility bills. Try changing your filter if you notice your AC isn’t functioning as efficiently, or your bill seems unusually high.

Households with pets or homeowners that suffer from allergies may want to consider changing the filter more often than every six months. Some families can benefit from changing their filter at least once a season or even monthly, depending on the home’s HVAC system. If you are unsure how often you should change your AC filter, give us a call.

5. Request Routine Maintenance

You should have your AC unit serviced at least once a year. Yearly maintenance helps your unit last longer, run more efficiently, and will help you stay on top of repairs.

We offer Vancouver AC services year-round. Winter or Spring are great times to have your AC unit serviced. You don’t want to be caught off guard with a broken or worn AC when you turn it on for the first time during the summer. Instead, it is always best to prepare ahead of time and make sure your AC unit is ready to go once it becomes hot.

6. Programmable Thermostats are a Must

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, you should consider an upgrade. These thermostats make it easy to program your AC around your schedule. For example, during the day, you can program your AC to remain turned off until 20 minutes before you arrive home. With complete customization, you can save money and use your AC only when it matters most.

7. Considering Installing a New System

AC units don’t last forever. Even with yearly AC service maintenance, most AC’s only last 10-15 years. If your unit is somewhere in this age range, give us a call. Our Vancouver AC experts have decades of experience in the industry. We can discuss the lifespan and efficiency of your current unit, as well as recommend an AC replacement that will match your needs and budget.

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Comfort Air: The Preferred AC Service in Vancouver

Comfort Air is the reliable, professional, and experience AC service in Vancouver you can trust. Since 1983, our AC experts have been helping businesses and homeowners stay cool all summer long. Whether you need a quick tune-up or a complete installation of a new AC unit, we’ve got your back.

Some of our team values include superior customer service, impeccable workmanship, and treating every client with respect. When you choose Comfort Air as your preferred Vancouver AC service, you can count on transparent services, low prices, and personalized recommendations based on your AC needs and requests. We are always willing to work around your schedule. We also offer flexible financing options to ensure you receive the AC unit your family needs when you need it most.

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To ensure that your AC keeps your family comfortable all summer long, count on Comfort Air. Our AC experts have exceptional attention to detail and are eager to provide the repairs, maintenance, or installations you need. With nearly four decades of experience providing Vancouver AC services, you can trust Comfort Air now for all your AC needs.

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5 Stars for these folks. Bradford came out on the nastiest day of the year and had us up and running again in short order. Knowledgeable, professional, fast and affordable. DO business with these folks !! You will not regret it.

-Ric K. Google Review

I was planning a heater upgrade and received a 24 month no interest offer from Home Depot. They sent me a list of contractors and Comfort Air was the only contractor that called me before I could call anyone else. The customer support, salesperson and installers were fast, competent and incredibly supportive. From the time that I contacted them until the heater was installed was fast and the new heater is a big improvement over what I had before. Highly recommend Comfort Air for fast, efficient and professional service. I feel comfortable that they will be responsive, should there ever be an issue with my new heater!

-Jolene N. Google Review

We would like to thank all of you at Comfort Air for the work you just completed on our home. We are particularly pleased that your company has both the equipment and training to diagnose the exact problem we were experiencing with indoor air quality. We are very pleased that with the remedy you suggested the problem is completely resolved. The installers were highly competent and a pleasure to have in our home.
Special thanks to Dmitriy for his work from beginning to end. He is surely a gem on your staff.

-Kyle H. Google Review

Bradford the technician has come to our home a couple times and is always professional. I especially appreciate the exceptional customer service in the office. Every time I call, no matter who answers the phone, they always help me and go out of their way to help me understand how to troubleshoot my thermostat/heat pump. Today, I needed to revise an appt time and Rosa called me twice today to make sure she set up the appt for a time that would work for me. Fabulous service!

-Mardi F. Google Review

Best experience!! Bradford was so polite and helpful. He really took pride in his work and did a great job on our fireplace. Will be calling Bradford again for help if needed! One of a kind worker!!

- Alexandra Call Google Review

Always very professional and the best value I have found. I asked for a courtesy text prior to arrival and they totally did. Definitely recommend Comfort Air

-Shae Rondeau Google Review

I've had a very positive experience with Comfort Air and Trane. The system was affordable, installed in one day and they have done great follow up! Thanks Johnny!

-Gary Thompson Google Review