One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace runs at full capacity and keeps your home warm every day is by keeping your furnace clean. In fact, not only will keeping your furnace clean help your unit run efficiently, but it will also help extend the overall life of your furnace. So what can you do to keep your furnace clean and running at maximum capacity?


One of the biggest differences you can have on your furnace is by cleaning or changing the filters regularly. Filters do an important job. They collect all the dust and debris to keep it from entering your home. However, all that yuck can really build up, which means your furnace will have a harder time performing at its peak. That also means it will wear down quicker.


Another way to keep your furnace clean is to schedule a yearly tune-up with a professional, like the techs from Comfort Air, for example. Of course, you can check the ducts, the flues, the thermostat and other parts of your unit for signs of wear and damage, yourself.


However, this can take time and if you’re not sure exactly where to look, or what to look for, then having an experienced professional HVAC tech do the work for you is a good idea.


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5 Stars for these folks. Bradford came out on the nastiest day of the year and had us up and running again in short order. Knowledgeable, professional, fast and affordable. DO business with these folks !! You will not regret it.

-Ric K. Google Review

I was planning a heater upgrade and received a 24 month no interest offer from Home Depot. They sent me a list of contractors and Comfort Air was the only contractor that called me before I could call anyone else. The customer support, salesperson and installers were fast, competent and incredibly supportive. From the time that I contacted them until the heater was installed was fast and the new heater is a big improvement over what I had before. Highly recommend Comfort Air for fast, efficient and professional service. I feel comfortable that they will be responsive, should there ever be an issue with my new heater!

-Jolene N. Google Review

We would like to thank all of you at Comfort Air for the work you just completed on our home. We are particularly pleased that your company has both the equipment and training to diagnose the exact problem we were experiencing with indoor air quality. We are very pleased that with the remedy you suggested the problem is completely resolved. The installers were highly competent and a pleasure to have in our home.
Special thanks to Dmitriy for his work from beginning to end. He is surely a gem on your staff.

-Kyle H. Google Review

Bradford the technician has come to our home a couple times and is always professional. I especially appreciate the exceptional customer service in the office. Every time I call, no matter who answers the phone, they always help me and go out of their way to help me understand how to troubleshoot my thermostat/heat pump. Today, I needed to revise an appt time and Rosa called me twice today to make sure she set up the appt for a time that would work for me. Fabulous service!

-Mardi F. Google Review

Best experience!! Bradford was so polite and helpful. He really took pride in his work and did a great job on our fireplace. Will be calling Bradford again for help if needed! One of a kind worker!!

- Alexandra Call Google Review

Always very professional and the best value I have found. I asked for a courtesy text prior to arrival and they totally did. Definitely recommend Comfort Air

-Shae Rondeau Google Review

I've had a very positive experience with Comfort Air and Trane. The system was affordable, installed in one day and they have done great follow up! Thanks Johnny!

-Gary Thompson Google Review