Air handlers or electric furnaces are an important part of air conditioning equipment. Its job is to effectively circulate conditioned air throughout your home.


Your central heating and cooling system consists of two main parts—an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, or air handler. When matched with a heat pump, it circulates both cool and hot air, depending on the season. With properly sized Trane air handlers, your family has the right amount of clean, comfortable air all year round. Plus, Trane air handlers make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your system. That’s because the more efficient your electric furnace is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable.


The Hyperion™ air handler is built unlike anything the market has ever seen. It is constructed more like a refrigerator than a typical air handler, with insulation between the walls of the innovative cabinet. This insulation prevents condensation that may cause damage to the air handler itself or your home. In addition to eliminating “sweating,” the cabinet also eliminates the loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that may enter the airstream with other air handlers. The exclusive double-wall construction provides families with peace of mind and cleaner, safer indoor air. With a variety of electric furnaces on the market, it's good to seek out the most efficient one for your needs.

electric furnaces air handler


Helping to circulate better air, the Hyperion™ XL variable-speed air handler is built unlike anything the market has ever seen. For one thing, it’s constructed more like a refrigerator, with insulation between the double walls of the uniquely designed cabinet.

  • Communicating capability (Series 8)
  • Quiet comfort
  • Heating options for either hydronic or electric heat
  • Variable-speed Blower Motor
electric furnaces comfort air now air handler


The Hyperion™ XR residential air handler provides your home with cleaner, healthier air day and night.

  • Reliable, ultra-quiet operation
  • High-efficiency blower motor
  • Uniquely designed cabinet with fully enclosed insulation
electric furnaces air handler


The XB line of air handlers combines affordability and flexibility to work with the complete range of Trane heating and cooling products.

  • Multi-speed blower motor
  • Optional electric heat
  • Standard convertible line