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Your heating and air system can be improved drastically with many innovative accessories and products. You have likely heard of HVAC accessories like smart thermostats, which is incredibly convenient and can help save you money on utilities. However, a thermostat is only the beginning of the many available products that can make your home heating and cooling system more efficient.

In the lists below, we will share some of the many products we offer. These include gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, ductless heating & cooling systems, ductless heat pumps, thermostats, air filtration units, home automation, zoning systems, generators, and shop heaters.

We stand behind every product we offer. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with every client, so we only provide accessories that are of the highest quality.

Package Systems

Trane Clean Effects Air Filtration at Comfort Air Now

Gas / Electric – XR14C

The Trane XR14c gas/electric system features a stainless steel heat exchanger combined with an efficient air conditioner. So no matter how cold or warm the weather, your home will be perfectly comfortable.

  • SEER up to 14
  • AFUE up to 81%
Air Scrubber Plus Air Filtration at Comfort Air Now

XL16c Packaged Heat Pump

The XL16c is a high-efficiency, all-electric heat pump, maximizing your comfort whatever the season, year after year. The packaged heating and air conditioning system is all contained in one sleek cabinet for optimal use in any home.

  • SEER up to 16
  • HSPF up to 8.5
Honeywell F100 Whole House Media Air Cleaner Air Filtration at Comfort Air Now

XL16c EarthWise™ Hybrid

The XL16c EarthWise™ Hybrid heating systems allow you to choose the most efficient fuel source for the temperature situation in your home. The hybrid heating and cooling system combines a high-efficiency heat pump with a dual-stage furnace, and it’s all contained in one sleek cabinet.

  • SEER up to 16
  • AFUE up to 81%
Honeywell F100 Whole House Media Air Cleaner Air Filtration at Comfort Air Now

XL14c EarthWise™ Hybrid

The XL14c EarthWise™ Hybrid heat pump gas furnace delivers exceptional heating, cooling and quiet operation. With the flexibility of two fuel sources, this packaged hybrid heat pump furnace lets you control the most efficient fuel to make your home comfortable.

  • SEER up to 14.2
  • AFUE up to 81%