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Why Choose Us for HVAC Service in Camas, WA?

Camas temperatures range between 36 to 84 degrees on average. Between warm, dry summers and icy cold winters, regular HVAC service should be an utmost priority for homes and businesses.

When you are in need of reliable, new heating and cooling services, Comfort Air is here to help. We offer HVAC installations and repairs in Camas, WA, and the surrounding cities, providing you with swift service at a fast timeline.

Here are some more reasons to select our team for Camas HVAC assistance:

Top-Notch Service

Our HVAC technicians offer years of experience, ensuring that your HVAC repairs and installations are done correctly the first time around. 

Clear, Competitive Rates

You’re trusting us to make your home or office comfortable. We’re happy to do just that–while offering affordable rates for all of our heating and cooling services. We also maintain transparency every step of the way.

Easy to Schedule Appointments

We don’t believe in making you wait weeks for someone to come out. Our technicians are ready to accommodate your busy schedule and to be there for any HVAC emergencies. To make things extra easy, we provide the option to schedule online or by phone. 

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Heating Installations and Repairs

Camas might be rated an A+ for family friendliness, but that number can quickly fluctuate if you don’t have the proper heater during winter. Heating issues in this chilly Portland suburb can lead to an HVAC emergency, which requires a responsive tech to come out fast.

The good news is that Comfort Air, Camas’s dependable HVAC team, can help. Our experienced technicians are proud to provide gas furnace and heat pump installations (and more) for our customers on the Washington side of the Columbia River and beyond.

We also offer speedy repairs. Regardless of whether you need a maintenance appointment for your heating unit or a new system installation, we’re glad to lend a hand. Comfort Air provides multiple heating services, such as:

  • Heat Pump and Furnace Installations
  • Ductless System Installations
  • Commercial and Residential Heating Repairs

AC Installations and Repairs

Need help with the cooling in your home or business? From three bedrooms to 10 offices, we can assist with it all. Our goal is to provide a cozy, cool feel in all areas of your home or business to keep your family and staff comfortable and content.

With our AC installations and repairs, achieving a comfortable temperature is as easy as can be. Comfort Air is happy to fit you into our schedule and help you achieve a better, more consistent temperature.

It might be recommended to visit Camas between the beginning of July and the end of August, but our HVAC services are available year-round. Trust our team with your AC issues, installations, and more. Here are a few things we can help you with:

  • Air Conditioning and Ductless Installations
  • Commercial and Residential AC Repairs

HVAC Maintenance and More!

In case you haven’t heard about our Comfort Club Maintenance Plans, they’re the perfect opportunity to save money on your HVAC services–and valuable time. Our team will:

  • Examine your heat exchangers.
  • Double-check your refrigerant levels.
  • Look into pilot light issues.
  • Ensure that the drafting and venting are working.
  • Fix fan belts and pulleys.
  • Verify the control adjustment is right.
  • And beyond!

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Whether you’re located near Heritage Park or downtown, Comfort Air’s friendly heating and cooling team will be there in a jiffy. Our technicians specialize in heating and cooling repairs and installations for customers in and around the Portland Metropolitan area, including Camas, WA. Our HVAC team can help you get a comfortable temperature and a unit that lasts.

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