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Heating Services in Vancouver

Heat is a necessity if you live in Vancouver. Even though Vancouver residents don’t receive much snow, there is no doubt that weather conditions can reach frigid temperatures during the wintertime. At Comfort Air, we have the experts you need to provide fast and efficient heating services in Vancouver.

No family should have to live with a poorly functioning heating system. That is why at Comfort Air, we cater to businesses and homeowners with a variety of heating systems and heating needs. Whether you are facing a crack in your boiler, a necessary furnace repair, or a radiator that has suddenly stopped working, we can help. Assisting you with your heating repairs in Vancouver is our number one priority. We’ll work fast to get your boiler, furnace, or radiator working as good as new.

Contact us to make an appointment with our HVAC specialists in Vancouver today! We will work around your schedule to set-up an appointment as soon as possible. Getting your heat to work properly is crucial for your comfort. Let us help you with your heating needs for your business or home in Vancouver. Heating services and repairs are our specialties!

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help bring warmth back to your space. Comfort Air has trained experts, competitive pricing, and flexible hours to help you stay warm this winter.

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maintenance & repair

What do burning smells, temperature issues, and delayed HVAC response times have in common? These can all signify an issue with your heating unit. Fortunately, Comfort Air provides all the necessary maintenance and repair services.

preformance testing
& air quality

Before we leave your home after installing a new heating system, we’ll be sure to test it. This will ensure the best air purity and optimal performance. In other words, we’ll make sure your heating unit works and doesn’t cause you any problems like your last unit did.


Getting a new heating system installed into your Vancouver home has never been so easy. Our technicians will provide a general window on when we will arrive. Then, we’ll install whatever style of unit you would like and make sure that it works to the fullest, including the temperature settings.

What Is Your Heating Concern?

Whether you don’t feel comfortable in your home because heating is inconsistent, or you are simply tired of having problems with your heating unit, we can help. Here are a few concerns you might have that warrant a call to your local Comfort Air:

“My electric bill is too much.”
How often you run your heating unit contributes to your electric costs. If there’s a problem with your heating unit, it might have to work twice as hard, which could be the reason behind your rising electricity costs. Contact our Vancouver heating repair team right away to schedule a time for us to come out.

“The heat won’t stay on.”
If you must constantly adjust the temperature, and your heating unit just isn’t cutting it, chances are that you’re due for a repair. Our HVAC professionals would be more than happy to come to investigate your unit and diagnose any problems. Next, we’ll repair the issue or replace your heating unit if it’s beyond repair.

“I think there’s a problem with the ducts.”
A duct problem (such as leaking) could be hard to detect. However, catching it early on can save you both time and frustration by knowing the cause of your heating problems. To check for duct issues, you can walk near the ducts (usually found in the attic). See if it feels like the air is being blown at you. If it is, you’ll have to put something over it to keep it from leaking anymore until you can get us in for a repair.

Home Heating Systems: Keep Your Family Warm This Season

The best heating system for a house depends on a few factors. For instance, you’ll want to consider your current heating system, any ducts, and the age of your home. Nowadays, many Vancouver homes are moving toward ductless systems for greater control of the temperature. However, central heating is still a great option for many people in the Vancouver area. 

At Comfort Air, we provide fundamental heating repair, installation, and maintenance services to give you peace of mind that your heating unit is up to par. Whatever you use to warm your home, feel free to contact us anytime if you need a repair. It is our pleasure to serve you. 

Are you curious about the types of heating systems available to you? Here are the most common heating units we see in Vancouver:


Boilers use water to distribute heat. Within a boiler, heat from a particular fuel source, such as gas, oil, or coal, is transformed into steam. This warmed steam then provides heat to your home. For boiler repair services in Vancouver, we have the trained experts you can rely on. Our insured and certified workers can assist with boiler installations, part repairs, and other maintenance tasks.

If you are experiencing issues with your boiler and need an expert to quickly identify and provide a solution for the problem, give us a call now.


Unlike a boiler, a furnace uses air to circulate heat throughout your home. Our specialists at Comfort Air offer furnace repair in Vancouver, in addition to our boiler repair services. We have experience adjusting, replacing, and repairing furnaces of all types. Whether you have a single-stage, two-stage, or variable speed furnace, we guarantee that our Comfort Air furnace specialists in Vancouver have the cost-effective and long-lasting solutions you need.

Call us now if you notice any strange activity with your furnace, or your heat is not working. For businesses and homeowners in Vancouver, furnace repair and replacement services are just a quick phone call away.

Heat Pumps

Our experts at Comfort Air have experience repairing and replacing heat pumps. Compared to traditional furnaces, heat pumps don’t burn fuel of any kind to heat your home. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for this reason. By using electricity to distribute heat from one area to another, heat pumps keep your home warm without contributing harmful emissions to the environment. Vancouver heat pump repair or installation requests can quickly be taken care of by our HVAC specialists.

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