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We Offer Indoor Air Evaluations & HVAC Performance Testing

Air Quality Evaluation & Improvement

Indoor air quality testing and air filter installation

Here at Comfort Air, we know that indoor air quality is incredibly important to our customers. Homeowners want their homes to be safe, comfortable, and free of irritants. Unfortunately, your home can trap environmental hazards like allergens, pollutants, gases, and chemicals.

Our team of heating and cooling professionals are proud to work with Washington and Oregon homeowners to assess and improve their home’s air quality. We begin by performing a thorough duct cleaning, removing any dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and more from your home’s ductwork.

We will then examine any air filters you have installed in your HVAC system. Often, these require cleaning or replacement. We can look at UV products, fresh air options, as well as ionizers to help further improve the air quality in your home.

Performance Testing

Homeowners and home builders want to ensure that the HVAC system installed is going to be efficient and effective. Not only does an efficient system lower utility bills, but it also improves the EPS score – providing additional money-saving opportunities.

At Comfort Air, we provide a “whole house” approach to home performance testing. In this approach, we evaluate your home’s ductwork, heating & cooling system, thermostat, and insulation. We find out if your ducts are leaking – effectively heating or cooling your crawl space rather than your home, and provide additional efficiency information.

Finally, after testing is complete, our team is happy to fix the issues discovered to ensure a more efficient home.

Duct & Vent Cleaning

Comfort Air provides customers with a complete duct and dryer vent cleaning, reducing particulates and debris from your ducts. Cleaning ductwork is important for many reasons. It can improve air quality, reduce the risk of fire, and prevent mold growth.

You should get your ducts cleaned if:

  • It’s been over three years since your last cleaning
  • Your home was near a major fire
  • Mold was found during regular maintenance of your heating or cooling system
  • Rodents or insects are known to be in the home
  • You have recently remodeled your home
  • You have just purchased a home
Duct and vent cleaning