furnace repairFurnace repair and unexpected issues related to your heating system always seem to come at the worst possible moment, following Murphy’s Law to a tee. It may be 50° or -20° outside, but either way, you will want your heater to work and heat your home as evenly as possible. Furnace problems can occur for different reasons, and can depend on the age of your HVAC system. It could be that your furnace system simply needs routine maintenance, or replacement of a certain part. No matter the circumstance, our technicians are trained to go the extra mile in diagnosing and treating the issue.

Contact us at Comfort Air to handle your next furnace repair. We have been providing the Vancouver/Portland area with quality and reliable heating and cooling service for more than 30 years. If you are experiencing furnace problems, need a simple part swapped out or a full furnace installation, we can help. We offer reliable HVAC repair when you need it. Don’t fret over unplanned for expenses, because for your convenience, we offer financing with approved credit that allows you to pay over time.

 If you have a forced air ventilation in your home, don’t forget to schedule your air duct cleaning once a year to keep the allergens and dust levels low in your home. We can also help with service and repair on your furnace and air conditioning units. Make sure your heating and cooling furnace systems are weatherized properly to prepare for the upcoming seasons. We can come in and make sure everything is in working order if you call for an appointment. Having regular maintenance work done on your furnace and air conditioning system will help you  keep an eye on your HVAC so there are fewer surprises. Our Comfort Club plan with help keep the costs of regular maintenance and repair lower for you.


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