Your thermostat controls the comfort level of your home or business. It works to control the heating and cooling using sensors to monitor and manage the furnace and/or air conditioner for your home. Some homes have electromechanical thermostats that have to be adjusted manually to change the temperature inside the home. Programmable thermostats offer an alternative to having to change the thermostat manually and in person. Here are a couple energy efficiency tips with thermostats.

Programmable Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat and set it to be at 68°F during the winter and 78°F during the summer while you’re awake and home. Schedule the temperature to change and drop 10°F during the winter (10°F warmer during summer) hours when you’re not home, then have them gradually adjust to be in your comfort zone by the time you wake or arrive at home.

Placement Counts

Place your thermostat in a place that will give it the best performance and efficiency. There are areas of your home that will give the thermostat an incorrect reading, for instance, if the sun shines on it, if there are drafts or near doorways and windows. The ideal location for your thermostat is where there are natural air currents in your home. This means that the warm air will rise without restraint and the cool air will sink. Furniture will affect the natural air movement, so make sure you don’t have the furniture blocking the thermostat.

Contact Comfort Air for help on creating a comfortable temperature in your home using proper placement of your thermostat and energy efficient settings. Call for a free estimate on having the best programmable thermostat installed and get help on making these tips a reality.

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