HVAC zoning means that your home is divided into different zones (areas) where the temperature can be controlled independently of the other zones. This means there are different thermostats to control the temperature in the specific zones. There are many benefits to having an HVAC zoning system.

Some of the Benefits of HVAC System Designed with Zoning:

  • Heat and cool your home based on use of the rooms as opposed to how much you want to warm or cool the whole home for the use of one area.
  • Homes with specific architectural aspects, like many windows, isolated areas, open floor plans with multiple floors (cathedral ceilings and lofts), multiple stories, sunrooms, living space in the basement or attic will all see the most benefits from having HVAC zoning.
  • Your bills will be lower for utilities. Running the system to heat specific areas will reduce the use of your HVAC system overall, giving you lower utilities bills associated with heating and cooling. With a programmable thermostat, you can lower your utility bills around 10%, but with a zoned system and programmable thermostats (using recommended settings) paired, it can lower your energy bills up to 30%.
  • With HVAC zoning, you’ll induce less wear and tear on your system over time.

Contact us at Comfort Air to talk with our technicians about HVAC zoning systems to see if it would be helpful in your home. We can do an evaluation, give you indepth answers or give you a free quote to let you know how much it will be to set up your HVAC system with zoning.